Healthy and tasty drinks to boost your immunity during the pandemic, as illustrated by Jason E Fisher

The entire world is busy finding the answer to the question of Covid-19. The novel coronavirus has created havoc in the lives of human beings. Maintaining social distance, covering your mouth when in a public place, using hand-based sanitizers have created anxiety and depression among individuals. International authorities suggest that safety precautions are imperative for building a robust immune system. It helps in safeguarding your body against the deadly virus. Remember that most cases these days are asymptomatic; hence, only a full immune system can help you fight with Covid-19. In this scenario, you have to take extra care of your diet and physical activity. According to Jason E Fisher, when talking about diet, immunity-boosting drinks are of paramount significance. You may prepare it at home with the fruits and vegetables readily available in your kitchen.

Take a look at some drink recipes you may prepare at home, as suggested by Jason E Fisher

Studies reveal that you must abstain from processed food and drinks. They have a high percentage of carbohydrates and preservatives, which are detrimental to your health. Moreover, you may make energy-boosting drinks at home, which are as follows

Tomato juice: Clean the tomatoes, cut them into small cubes, and simmer them in a pan. When they turn tender, please turn off the flame and keep it aside for twenty minutes. Mash the tomatoes and then strain the juice. You made a pinch of black salt to enhance the test. Keep in mind that tomatoes are rich in iron, vitamins, and folate.

Mango and strawberry juice: mango and strawberry juice is rich in nutrients. It helps in building a robust immune system. They contain vitamin E and rich antioxidants.

Watermelon juice: watermelons are not only an incredible option for summers, but they play a significant role in building your immunity in all seasons. It has a soothing effect when blended with water and ice cube. You may add a teaspoon of sugar if required and serve it to your kids

Carrot, apple, and orange juice: blend a carrot, apple, and an orange in a mixer grinder and strain the beverage. It contains folic acid, vitamin A that helps in fighting the infection.

Beetroot juice: apart from enhancing the complexion, beetroot juice contains vitamins E, which gives a boost to your immune system. All you need to do is boil a beetroot and then blend in a mixer grinder with some water. After it cools down, you may strain the mixture and add some ice cubes.

Apart from this, Amla juice and honey lemon water are other immunity-boosting drinks. Also, studies reveal that orange juice plays an essential role in loading your immune system with crucial energy to fight the disease. Even you may gulp grape juice, which is high in vitamin C&K.

All these energy-boosting drinks have easy homemade remedies that may help you to build your body system to guard against any infection. Keep in mind that it is better to invest in home remedies than paying hospital bills.

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