An overview of the application process of Jason E Fisher scholarship program

Jason E Fisher is a leading example in the Community Association field. He is the proud owner of Fisher CAC and has associated hundreds of associations that focus on governance, general operations, bold training, and best practices. Also He has gained enormous success in his professional life. However, he is a philanthropist at heart and emphasizes the significance of education in human life. He is well aware of the mounting college tuition fees and other related expenditures of students in the United States of America. It is a critical reason behind the initiation of the Jason E Fisher scholarship program.

The scholarship program is annual prize money provide to the most deserving candidate with an excellent academic history. But It is a non-refundable $1,000 scholarship which is generous financial aid. The applicants have to write an engaging and informative essay of not more than 700 to 850 words. On the topic, “provide an illustration of a fault or lapse in the decision you or someone you remember made in life and how you took that ordeal to make a transition in what you do or how you address life.”

Eligibility criteria of Jason E Fisher scholarship

The scholarship program outlines the eligibility of the candidates. Accordingly, the applicant can be either a freshman or junior high school from American University or college. All the applicants have to write an engaging, informative, and detailed essay on the topic mentioned above. The scholarship is a one-time financial aid of $1000 paid indirectly to the winner.

How will you apply for the scholarship?

The scholarship will go to the most deserving and talented learner.Moreover The selection will be strictly on the evaluation of the essay provided and verification of the documents submitted. You have to submit the article in Word format at Along with this, you have to give the following details:

Full name


Cell phone number or telephone

Mailing address

Current GPA

Expected high school graduation date

College or University you have applied

Updated CV.

All this information has to be submit within the deadline that is the 15th of December 2021.

You will get the winner’s announcement on 31st of December 2021 on the website is The recipient will be inform via email, which they have to acknowledge. Following this, the prize money will get directly deposited into the bank account of the student. After the verification of college admission or acceptance.

The Jason E Fisher scholarship program is an outstanding effort made by the founder who wishes to guide students from poor socio-economic backgrounds to realize their educational goals. Additionally Jason E Fisher has the experience of working with management, board, and other associations. He has reviewed, prioritized, and negotiated resolutions became an eminent member of the Community Association Institute, and served on the CAI Nationals Maryland legislative action committee. He is also the founder of a Homeowners Association consulting service known as Fisher CAC. It stresses upon Community Association and businesses, plus their strategic planning, problem-solving, and other related areas. The founder has more than twenty years of experience working in the Community Association as an advisor.

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